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Broadband and community development in the Hudson Valley

On March 29 at Indotronix in Poughkeepsie, Hudson Valley Tech Meetup—hosted for the first time by Gerry Pallor of RXI Digital—tackled a hot-button issue: broadband internet. According to the FCC as of 2015, the term “broadband” refers to a type of internet connection, such as cable modem, DSL, fiber, or satellite, that’s always on (as … Continued

Celebrating the Accomplishments of Hudson Valley Women in Tech

On January 28, Hudson Valley Tech Meetup—including co-organizer Shauna Keating, our very own digital artist and designer here at EMN—invited the community to their second Day of Women in Tech, a celebration of all that underrepresented genders have accomplished in the technology field here in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Co-organizers Shauna Keating and Sabrina … Continued

Applying Human-Centered Design Methods to Your Process

What is human-centered design? Human-centered design is a way of approaching your design practice that specifically addresses the needs of your user base. It’s possible to design something beautiful and that works really well—in theory—when only you and your team test it, but could be missing the main needs of your users once it gets … Continued

EMN Creates Streaming Soccer Channel for StockadeFC

I had the opportunity to meet Dennis Crowley last year, when he accepted our invitation to speak at CatskillsConf 2015.  While there, he hinted that he had a “secret project” that would be coming to our town in the summer—and then he delivered a 4th division semi-pro soccer team, right to our back door. So when … Continued

Hudson Valley Tech Meetup Awarded “Innovator of the Year” Award by Th!nk Dutchess

We’re so happy and proud to announce that Hudson Valley Tech Meetup has been recognized with an “Innovator of the Year” Award from Th!nk Dutchess. Th!nk Dutchess Alliance for Business is a business-led, nationally recognized economic development corporation dedicated to attracting, retaining, and expanding for-profit and not-for-profit businesses in Dutchess County. (While EMN is located in Ulster County, … Continued

Thought-Provoking Discussion at October’s Hudson Valley Tech Meetup

Last week’s HV Tech Meetup welcomed back a crowd favorite: Ads! This duo creates light-hearted parodies of popular songs, the actual lyrics replaced with poetic musings about the evening’s speakers (and, like in Wednesday’s case, they sometimes even improvise, creating a “Take Your Seat” song on the spot to herd the audience toward the stage). They … Continued

Tech, time management, and productivity: an EMN office experiment

As we all probably know too well, technology can sometimes make us feel like we’re being less productive—it can be hard to focus in a world full of screens, pings, and pop-ups. But wait! Technology is supposed to make our lives easier! So there must be a way to use tech to become more productive, focused, and efficient. … Continued

Ulster for Business Video Production

UCEDA UCEDA (Ulster County Economic Development Alliance), working right here at the County Offices in Kingston, fosters strong, sustainable, diverse economic opportunities for the communities of Ulster County, by working to promote our region as a premier location for work and play and by helping businesses that are here already build and grow. The Problem In … Continued

HV Tech Meetup brings music and mayhem to Poughkeepsie

September’s event, held at Indotronix in Poughkeepsie, brought some exciting and unexpected new twists to the world of HV Tech. Attendees entered the space to the sound of dance music in the air and Sparrow Hall, local creative and HV Tech member, in the DJ booth—or, more accurately, at the DJ podium. Sparrow’s mix got … Continued

Hudson Valley Tech Meetup: The Musical

Hudson Valley Tech Meetup returned to Kingston last Wednesday, where members beat the heat in the beautiful air-conditioned Senate Garage. Throughout the night, the crowd was treated to a few surprises—including the unveiling of two brand-new videos that we produced for the Ulster County Economic Development Alliance (featuring Karina Dresses and Dennis Crowley’s work with … Continued

Inclusive Design in User Interface

What is inclusive design? To design something to be inclusive means to make it approachable for a diverse set of users. Often, this focuses on optimization for accessibility without compromising the experience of users not using assistive technology. (Assistive tech might include things like screen reader apps that “read” a web page for visually impaired users, speech … Continued

Tonner Doll Company Website

“We wanted a clean, modern website… It was absolutely worth it. I’m so glad we went with these guys and I’m so glad they’re across the street. Kingston to Kingston.” Tonner Doll Company Founded by former fashion designer Robert Tonner, Tonner Doll Company creates high-quality dolls, both original figures and dolls modeled after characters from … Continued

Celebrating 2 years of tech community in the Hudson Valley!

At Wednesday night’s June Hudson Valley Tech Meetup in Poughkeepsie, we hit a major milestone: HV Tech’s second birthday! If we were a child, we’d be a walking, maybe even talking toddler. That’s pretty exciting. A lot has happened in the last two years. We’ve moved from small spaces in the back of restaurants and … Continued

Shauna’s top 6 favorite SmashingConf talks

I was absent from the office for two days last week, but it was for a good reason: I was volunteering on the event staff for New York Smashing Conference! Smashing Magazine, a digital publication for web designers and developers, puts on multiple conferences around the world every year to spread innovative ideas in the realms of art, technology, design, … Continued

Hudson Valley Tech’s May Meetup: Celebrating Agents of Change

Change was the name of the game at May’s Meetup! Members gathered at the beautiful Senate Garage in Kingston and, after an exhilarating opening performance by the Percussion Orchestra of Kingston (POOK), engaged with talks on the way tech is transforming the educational, media, and economic landscapes. This month’s Meetup was sponsored by Lightower, a fiber … Continued

Water Footprint Calculator chosen for EPA’s highest recognition

Last year, our team here at Evolving Media Network partnered with the GRACE Communications Foundation to produce the Water Footprint Calculator, an interactive web app that allows users to visualize what contributes most to their daily water usage and experiment with ways to reduce their impact. (Check out the app in action in a feature … Continued

Domain suspended by ICANN? Here’s how to fix it

You wake up one morning and sit down, excited to admire your beautiful new website. Taking a sip of coffee as you open your browser, you type in or But instead of the homepage you spent months designing and developing (or working with a company like EMN to design and develop), you see this notice: “You have reached a … Continued

HV Tech and IBM team up at April Meetup to focus on people

“What makes Silicon Valley different is that they’re not isolated in silos. They create a fabric of ideas… That’s what we want to do here in the Hudson Valley.” This inspiring idea is how Michael Lyons, software engineer, explained why IBM rolled out the red carpet for Hudson Valley Tech Meetup this week. In today’s … Continued

Hudson Valley Tech Explores Community Regeneration

1044! That’s the new high for Hudson Valley Tech Meetup members, announced at this week’s gathering with (animated) confetti. We broke one thousand, and with that accomplishment came the energy and inspiration we’ve come to expect from the Meetup (but just a little bit bigger). That energy was helped along a bit by a new … Continued

Fleishers Craft Butchery Website

“We’re so happy to have a site that truly represents our brand, our values, and our meat. I love meeting new customers or partners for the first time who say ‘Your website is so beautiful.’ It creates an impeccable first impression and it’s a platform to which we’re proud to direct our audiences.” Sophie Grant, … Continued

Community Engagement and Design

I’m Shauna, and I’m currently an intern here at EMN. I’m in my last semester of college at SUNY New Paltz, where I’m earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. In the past four years, I have learned a lot about design in several different places. The first is the most obvious, which is … Continued

Herding Cats: Lessons Learned in Five Years on the Front Line

My name is Lindsay Hutton, and I am the senior project manager here at EMN. When I started working here almost five years ago, the world of digital and web development was all new to me. After a brief training period I was thrown into the deep end. That may sound a little harsh, but … Continued

February’s HV Tech Meetup: Security, Social Media, & Smileys!

Last week’s HV Tech Meetup—held in Poughkeepsie this month—introduced the group to a brand new space, as Indotronix International Corporation, a downtown Poughkeepsie IT company, generously donated their business event space to become the new HV Tech headquarters east of the Hudson. New Poughkeepsie Mayor Rob Rolison opened the event. “We are open for business,” he said … Continued

JSX: At first I was all like “huh?,” but then I was like “oh, okay.”

Separation of concerns has always been really important to me as a developer. My career in front end web development largely started after the CSS revolution and the burning down of vile inline styles and behaviors. To this day, I get very nervous and cagey any time someone tries to mash those concerns back together. … Continued

Hudson Valley Tech Meetup’s 2016 Kickoff Event

Started from the bottom, now we’re here. That was the general sentiment at last night’s January 2016 Kickoff edition of Hudson Valley Tech Meetup. A little history on HV Tech: our principals here at Evolving Media Network—Dan Stone and Kale Kaposhilin—teamed up with Dan and Sabrina Schutzsmith of Digital Empire, a Poughkeepsie-based digital creative company, … Continued

What are your 2016 web-solutions?

Here we are, at the beginning of another year. After the confetti has settled and the hangovers cleared, it’s the perfect time to review and reevaluate what’s working—and what’s not—in our lives and for our businesses. And, in 2016, that naturally includes our business websites. If we’ve gathered anything from talking with our clients, it’s … Continued

Water Footprint Calculator Web App

The Water Footprint Calculator transforms environmental awareness into a fun, interactive, animated web application that makes consumers want to learn. GRACE Communications Foundation GRACE is dedicated to increasing public awareness of environmental and public health issues, with a specific focus on sustainable food production and the intersecting issues of food, water, and energy. The organization … Continued

Always be learning

My name is Avi Arenfeld and I am the newest member of the development team at Evolving Media Network. I was taken on by EMN with the understanding that this was my first full time position as a junior dev, and that I had a lot to learn. Being part of this team has introduced me … Continued

Viewcy – Book classes and manage your studio online

Launched in January 2015, was founded by Ehren Hanson, a Tabla instructor looking for a better way to organize and book his classes online. We worked with Ehren to take the ideas behind his original proof of concept application and flesh them out into – an online platform with dozens of schools active … Continued

TEDx Culver City Mobile App

For TedXCulverCity, EMN designed and built a re-useable mobile application for iOS and mobile web browsers. For their inaugural conference in 2013 the organizers of TedX Culver city were looking to save some paper and have their conference guide available via a mobile application. EMN partner emeritus David Resnick shared an LA office with the TedXCC team … Continued

When you get to work directly with Natalie Merchant you quickly realize how deserved her fame truly is. With equal parts hard work, creative inspiration and tasteful, thoughtful consideration, Natalie’s own hand touches everything that bears her name. The singer/songwriter fronted the seminal alt-rock band 10,000 Maniacs before breaking off on her own in 1993 … Continued

HandPicked Nation

EMN loves good food and healthy living. Over the past several years we’ve found great joy in helping clients such as Fleisher’s Meats and The Monday Campaigns advocate their brands and goals. This is why, when given the opportunity to work with HandPicked Nation, we jumped at the chance to advocate for the real food … Continued

The Monday Campaigns and Johns Hopkins University’s Healthy Monday Tips

Can customized health advice delivered in the digital space contribute to positive changes in behavior, health markers, and outcomes for people? In the third quarter of 2010, The Monday Campaigns and Johns Hopkins University contracted Evolving Media Network to produce a web app as part of a national study for the Bloomburg School of Public … Continued

O+ Festival

O+ Festival – The local festival named after the universal blood type is a unique but simple concept that’s catching the attention of folks beyond our region. For one week, artists from near and far descend on Kingston and do paste-ups of art all over the city, kind of of like sanctioned graffiti. The festival … Continued