Water Footprint Calculator chosen for EPA’s highest recognition

Last year, our team here at Evolving Media Network partnered with the GRACE Communications Foundation to produce the Water Footprint Calculator, an interactive web app that allows users to visualize what contributes most to their daily water usage and experiment with ways to reduce their impact. (Check out the app in action in a feature by ABC 7 News.)

We’re happy to announce that the Environmental Protection Agency was just as pleased with the project as we were. In a ceremony earlier today, EPA’s Region 2 (responsible for environmental protection in New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands) awarded the Water Footprint Calculator one of its 2016 Environmental Champion Awards. These awards recognize individuals, businesses, and organizations for their achievements in protecting public health and the environment, and they are the highest recognition available to the public from the EPA.

This isn’t the first time the app has been publicly acclaimed. It was also featured by the White House during its first-ever Water Summit in March, when GRACE launched the Spanish language version of the app, allowing even more people to understand their water usage and environmental impact.

We’re so excited that the project has been recognized as an excellent tool in the fight for water conservation, and we’re happy to have played a part in its success. And a huge congratulations to GRACE Communications Foundation! We’re very proud to work under their exceptional leadership to increase public awareness of critical health and environmental sustainability issues.

Check out our work on the app here—or try it out for yourself!