Viewcy – Book classes and manage your studio online

Launched in January 2015, was founded by Ehren Hanson, a Tabla instructor looking for a better way to organize and book his classes online. We worked with Ehren to take the ideas behind his original proof of concept application and flesh them out into – an online platform with dozens of schools active and taking payments.

EMN worked with the Viewcy team from the get-go to do the market research to find the platform that best suited their target audience – yoga, music, dance and lifestyle teachers owning small schools and studios, looking for a better way to book their classes and manage their instructors and students online.

After working with the team to perform stakeholder interviews and surveys of the existing market, we identified a number of criteria not currently being met by other solution providers in the space. One of the key features that we identified that Viewcy provides is a mini-website or ‘SchoolFront’ to host your school. This way, schools with no website also get an immediate, easy to maintain web presence for their schools.

Viewcy provides the ability to link your bank account directly to the SchoolFront so that as your students use their credit-cards to buy and process classes and class packages, you collect the money directly. This service is provided through an integration with the Braintree Marketplace which allows each Viewcy School to easily become a submerchant by providing basic banking information.

Viewcy is built in Ruby on Rails, EMN’s preferred framework for custom application and API development. The school management interface is expressed by leveraging EMN’s expertise in MVC javascript applications.

If you’re a teacher or or run a small studio, we invite you to check out Viewcy for the management of your students and classes online!